Thursday, 12 January 2012


Who will cry for the baby girl
When you tire of holding her hand
Who will lead her to safer chimes
To help maintain her stand

Who will cry for the sweet young maid
Who stumbles to fall on the turn
How do you twist away, then look back
As her dreams clatter down and burn

Who will cry for the tender teen
While after dreams broken down
Whence come soothing kisses from sorry
As her  shoulders grow round.

Who will weep for the woman left
 in questions untold
Will you hold a candle along her path
Where footsteps, like mystery fold..

Who will cry for the widow who weeps
Alone on a desolate stone
Her lover resides in a constant sleep
Calling her to come home.

I will cry for all these ones
For they are my inside
I carry the gift and burdens bequeathed
On Gods gift to every Man's Pride.

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