Monday, 9 January 2012


Female Friendships of Convenience

I'm watching America's Next Top Model, and never mind an 'embarrassment of riches' how about an 'embarrassment of bitches'!
The problem with these girls is the problem with us women in general. We are insincere in our friendships with each other. We think and strategise about each bond, except the ones forged in childhood or bound by blood.
In the early part of the competition the girls quickly pair or clique up.. declaring how they're best friends with this one, and admire greatly that one, seeking to create an alliance to get them through the bad times ahead. None of these sincere. I'd call it a 'protection instinct' a bit like how a new prisoner on arriving on the cell-block, needs to make friends who'll keep them safe and avoid them becoming general prey.
Then, as the competitions goes on, and the same person they had professed undying loyalty to, becomes stronger, continues to survive the tasks and shows themselves as a threat...these alliances are broken. Girls start to re-align themselves...picking fights, throwing tantrums...'Breaking up'!
Did they, for a minute think these were real friendships? Or do they see it for what it is, a cowardly, yet human relationship of convenience? I think the latter.
So, ladies, how do we ensure we are real with those we profess to care about? I tend to ask myself two questions: would I still want to be close to this person if I was in the midst of family and friends? And:
Does this person bring out the best in me?
If the answer to both is 'yes', it's for real. But then, I could be wrong too.

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