Monday, 9 January 2012

I Won't Be Humble

I Won't Be Humble
I won't be humble
When I sing
So when I'm feeling
All the things
Which bring me joy
And light my sky
I won't be humble
Though I'll try
I won't be humble
While you push
My dreams of laughter
If you SHUSH!
Me, whisper sober
Tales of woe
To keep my spirit
Sweet n low
I'll fail to humbly
Speak your name
Reciting freely
Flowing blame
For measures sought
Outside of me
And darkness which
I dare not see
I shall not humbly
Love your face
while feeling warmth of
Smiling Grace
For lovers know not
And rashly shun
I won't be humble
Where my gifts
Of reaching, bearing
Spirit lifts
The beauty of all
Souls laid low
I won't be humble
This you know

July, 2011

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