Friday, 1 March 2013

You Walk Alone

You walk alone

You pretend you have people, and things and dreams.  But really, you walk alone.
Don't kid yourself that 'you're in that thing together', it is not a partnership, but a choice.
When the wind blows otherwise, or gets cold, or dry or turn to the side of you
and it's only you.

We walk alone

We make plans, to do things, go places join in. But where is it all written? How do we know? Why are we sure?
Don't be foolish or blinkered in our vision, we are only us, only I only you.
Those things are coming from one place, within one person, us.

I walk alone

Say you love me, SAY IT! It means nothing to me.  When I seek to take it, cash it in, a void replies.
My echo is me, I.
These hollow eyes stare back at this vacant face. Replete.

I /We/You
Walk alone.

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